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Frequently asked questions. For questions not covered below please feel free to contact us at any time.

I am concerned about 'sick house syndrome'. Will Scallop Shell Plaster and Zen Ocean Plaster help counter its effects?
Both Scallop Shell Plaster and Zen Ocean Plaster help counter sick building syndrome. Scallop Shell Plaster being thicker is most effective.

Can I use it on ceilings and exterior walls?
Use on ceilings is possible, however our current line of products are for interior use. Our BioShell exterior wall is coming soon in spring 2009!

After drying is the plaster susceptible to crumbling or dusting, especially if brushed against?
After the initial drying stage the plaster continues to react with carbon dioxide and harden with time. It becomes quite strong and normally does not crumble or dust. However, smooth textures are more resistant than rough, which may crumble if brushed against.

I've read that the plaster is porous and 'breathes'. If it absorbs moisture, will this cause mold to form?
Scallop shells are alkaline based and are resistant to bacteria and mold. Here in Japan where the air is quite humid there are no problems.

Is the plaster susceptible to cracking?
As with any wall covering, if the framework of the wall moves, shrinks, or settles with age there is the possibility of cracks forming. Scallop shell plaster uses cellulose fibers as a binder and is more resistant to cracking than traditional plasters. If cracks form however, it is easy to repair the plaster. Please contact us for repair tips and techniques.

I am a novice at DIY. Is the plaster difficult to apply?
Scallop Shell Plaster is easy to work with, even for a complete novice. Please refer to our video for simple instructions. We encourage you to experiment with it yourself, but for a professional finish please contact a plasterer in your area who is skilled with using a trowel.

I'm thinking of trying a DIY project. Where can I get the necessary tools and equipment?
For customers within Japan we offer rental kits. Overseas customers should be able to find the necessary tools at their local hardware store. Please look here for a list of recommended tools and equipment.

Where should I contact for sales and inquiries?
For overseas sales please contact our agent konnichiwa-japan. For sales in Japan please contact us directly and we will refer you to the closest sales agent in your area.

How long does it usually take from the time of order to delivery?
Orders within Japan usually take one week barring bad weather etc. For overseas orders please allow 5-8 weeks. Please contact us for specific information on your area.

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